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 Almond Butter Crunch


Makes approximately forty 1-inch pieces


Butter an 8-inch by 10-inch baking dish and line it with parchment paper. Allow the ends of the parchment to slightly overhang the edges of the baking dish.


In a heavy saucepan, place:

1 cup unsalted butter

1 cup granulated sugar

Bring to a boil over medium heat, stirring constantly.

Gently boil the mixture, stirring constantly, until it turns a dark shade of caramel.

Remove from heat at once and stir in:

1 cup chopped almonds

Pour the hot sugar and nuts into the prepared pan, smoothing it with a spatula.

Across the surface of the hot candy, evenly scatter:

1 cup chopped white chocolate

Wait a couple of minutes for the chocolate to melt, then smooth it with a spatula. On top of the chocolate, scatter:

½ cup chopped pistachios

½ cup sliced dried apricots

Gently press the nuts and dried fruit into the chocolate. Let the candy firm in a cool place. Lift the butter crunch out of the baking dish and cut into bite size pieces. Store in an air tight container.


Butter crunch will keep for 1–2 weeks.